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GRAND Maintenance Plan
Includes two maintenance / tune ups  per year—one in the fall and one in the spring.  If you have a breakdown between scheduled tune ups, the GRAND plan offers you the security of one free service / diagnostic call per year and the convenience of priority scheduling.
Service / Diagnostic
If you have a breakdown or your system(s) are not functioning properly, don’t sweat it—we have you covered. Call us to come out and diagnose the problem.
Estimate on System Replacements
We offer you a free consultation to determine the best options for your home. Contact us today!
Not sure which service is right for you? We can help. 
Call or email us to schedule your free, no hassle consultation today!
Seasonal Tune up
34 point inspection that includes inspection of indoor coil, washing out door coil, checking all major system components, drain line flush, monitoring refrigerant levels, and washing/ replacing customer supplied filter(s) and much more!

Grand Plans

Service Perks

Improve the longevity of your system. When a system is running at its peak efficiency, the main components do not have to work as hard; reducing the everyday wear and tear of your system. Our technicians will revitalize your system so that it performs to your expectations. 

Save money over time.
Your utility bills can be lowered, simply by keeping your systems clean and maintained. It is also wise to verify that your ductwork is designed properly to produce the most effective air flow. Many times during routine maintenances, a simple, inexpensive repair can be completed which will reduce the number of significant and costly repairs that may occur in the future.

Validate Warranty.
Many manufactures require a working history of maintenance of the system when submitting warranty claims. By building a portfolio of your maintenances, a warranty claim can be processed and approved more successfully. Preventative maintenance is key!

Peace of Mind.
Our certified technicians can determine if your system is low on refrigerant or if an electrical component is failing. In the winter months, it is essential that the ignitor, heating element, and heat exchanger be inspected to ensure the heating system is working properly. Heating equipment that has not been properly maintained can become a fire and carbon monoxide hazard. In many cases this could result in health risks or can prove to be fatal.


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